VNH artist

Gao Weigang

Born in Heilongjiang, China in 1976.
Lives and works in Beijing, China.
"I am not into unnecessary artificial designs. For me, it is too reminiscent of the way people always give children too much guidance and explanations, which frustrates me. It is easier to understand and express natural and simple things. Life is complicated enough."

Solo Exhibitions

Hundred Thousand Light Years, VNH Gallery, Paris (France)

STRUGGLER, Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong (China)
Return Journey, Shangai Gallery of Art, Site –specific Project at the Temple, Beijing (China)

Misconception, Espace Louis Vuitton, Marina Bay (Singapore)

NO WAYI, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shangai (China)

Vice, Platform China, Beijing (China)
Superstition, Taiking Space, Beijing (China)

Everything isn’t Gonna be Alright, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (China)
Indisposed, Mini Gallery, Beijing (China)

Blind – Bee, Magician Space, Beijing (China)

Foreign Bodies, CAAW, Beijing (China)

Group Exhibitions

Amber, OCAT Contemorary Art Xian, Xian (China)
China Landscape : Selections From The Taikang Collection 2019, No.A07, 798 Art Zone, Beijing (China)
Chinese Whispers, Recent Art From The Sigg Collection, MAK, Vienna (Austria)
Of Dreams and Contemplation : Selections from the Collection of Richard Koh, The Private Museum, Singapore (Singapore)

How to See What Isn’t There, Burger Collection, Langen Foundation, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Outside In, 166 Art Space, Shanghai (China)
Mountains & Streams, CF HILL, Stockholm (Sweden)
The Jumble of Growth, Galleria Nazionale, Roma (Italy)
Poussières d’étoiles, Domaine des étangs, Massignac (France)
Into the great wide open, 166 Art Space, Shanghai (China)

New voices a dslcollection story, Klein Sun Gallery, New York (USA)
SLIPPAGES, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai (China)
BY ZHONGBA, Qi Mu Space, Beijing (China)

Microspace, Leo Gallery, Hong Kong (China)

Pull Left – Not Always Right, Urban Arts Space, Ohio State University, Ohio (USA)
Present-ing Recital Louder than Paint, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (China)
RE-VIEW, Opening Exhibition of Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai (China)
Outside the Lines – New Art From China, RH Contemporary Art, New York (USA)

Criss-Cross, Artworks of Young Chinese Contemporary Artists from Long Collection, Long Museum, Shanghai (China)
Conceptual Walk Through, Espace Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong (China)
On Nature, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York (USA)
Flame and the Sea, Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong (China)

No One to Hear You Scream, Saamlung, Hong Kong (China)

Options, Li-Space, Beijing (China)
Unexpected Issues, ART CHANNEL, Beijing (China)
Carry On, 5Art Space, Guangzhou (China)

Pure Views Remote Form Streams and Mountains, Louise Blouin Foundation, London (United Kingdom)
Gei Li, Li-space, Beijing (China)

DISPACEMENT : Invitation Exhibition of Young Curator, Shangpu Art Museum, Beijing (China)
Fool Effect, Open Realization Contemporary Art Center, Beijing (China)
Reality in Sync, Today Art Museum, Beijing (China)

3rd Beijing Architecture Biennal, D-Park 751, Beijing (China)

Unusual Landscape, Highland Gallery, Beijing (China)


Hundred Thousand Light Years

16 March - 6 May 2017 VNH Gallery
Paris (France)
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